I can’t do a research about a particular material, I have tried to think about material that I like or dislike but the main problem was that I do need to have connection to the material, I only can get the connection with the material if the material has a context, material is just material. All material is also very much the same, built from the same elements. It only has a different visual appearance and texture, when there is no connotation to the work personally I can’t do research, or better, something stops me. Only when the material comes thru an experience in my way or that the material reached out to me. Only then I can reflect and work with the material. What I am trying to say that for me every thing is just the same thing, only thru our senses this appearance is different. And I have no personal preference to any substance. I do know that in art, material is one of the important maters that make art possible, together with the idea and the aura. This makes up an art work, but before that stage there is no emotional bondage with these substances. I can however give an example about materials that I did use in previous works, like the work that I made using concrete, there I was very much interested in how this material works and behaves. This is an chemical with sand and water nothing more nothing less, what does happen is it can make choses if I demand that to happen,

the process of making a mall negative, what will serve as the form that makes the positive concrete shape, was made of wood. When the mall is filled with concrete, and is starting to set, what is after about 2 hours. The official drying time of this material was about 2,5 hours until 3 hours. But the chose I made to take the mall away on that moment, there is where the work start to make decisions for me. I am done in this stage, it is now about the fexability of the material and the gravity that’s pulling on the concrete block to shape it how I should be, it should be a more organic shape and that was possible with this method.

in this stage there is no material what speaks to me, it should be a mutual interaction for both parties. I myself am every possible martial. but the factor that stops me before I can interact with any material, is the distance that i create [possiblly] what means I feel a distance between me and my surroundings, I cant.